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The Finales: Part 1 May 29, 2011

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Okay kids let’s see how they did. TV finales are always the most anticipated (and therefore the most likely to bare scrutiny) of all episodes produced through out a typical 22-24 episode season. So without further ado let’s dive right in. First up: Castle.

First off I would like to express my sadness that Will Beall, who wrote a handful of great Castle episodes including this year’s season finale, will no longer be writing for Castle. While it’s great for him that he will be off doing bigger and greater things, there is no doubt that his writing will be missed. He penned each episode that dealt directly with the murder of Beckett’s mom, all of which were outstanding in their own right.

That being said I guess it will come as no shock that this will be in large part a positive review. Castle is at a great place in its story telling. Castle and Beckett have done the back and forth banter and unspoken sexual attraction dance for three years now and thus far it has been entertaining and satisfying. However, as many Bones fans are well aware you can only do this dance for so long before your audience starts to get impatient and worst of all disinterested. There have been a handful of moments throughout the show, particularly with this season in which Beckett and Castle share a moment and the audience is left wondering “Really? Castle isn’t making a move right here?” So hat’s off to Mr. Marlowe and his team for taking this great step forward by allowing Castle to finally say what has been on the tip of his tongue for the past three years.

Now how about those two shots that have shaken the Castle world? Let’s talk about the first one. Turns out Capt. Montgomery wasn’t always the stand up guy we have grown to love for the past three years. Now I know Castle and Bones are two different shows and they each have their own story to tell but there is no denying the similarities they share (a detailed comparison to come) but I can’t help but notice both shows reach the end of their third season and decide to pull the rug out from their audience and have a beloved character be responsible for terrible crimes (Zach anyone?) Ah well, no doubt it is effective. As sad as I am to see the captain go (both the character and the actor) I think overall this was a great move. The show has had three successful years in a comfortable formula. This change opens up many possible avenues for the show to take. Who will replace the Captain? How will this person integrate into the team? How will they feel about the Beckett/Castle partnership? The possibilities are certainly out there. Not to mention the ramifications associated with Beckett’s mom’s case. And speaking of Beckett…

Who saw those shots coming? Well Castle did but just a second too late. Now the writers could have gone another way and let Castle take the bullet for Beckett but I am glad they didn’t. It is clear as of now that Castle is the one who wants to plunge into this relationship while Beckett doesn’t seem ready to focus on anything other than her mom’s case. If the roles had been switched and Beckett had had to confront her feelings for Castle right now then they probably would have gotten together, and as much as we all eventually want that, objectively speaking we all know it is too soon. Now we are left with questions; how bad is Beckett hurt? (Come on they aren’t gonna kill her!) Did she hear Castle tell her he loves her? Will that be addressed? Since her boyfriend Josh is a cardiac surgeon will he be the one to save her? It’s endings like this that leave all these burning questions that simultaneously frustrate and delight me. Delight me because it is awesome and frustrate me because September is a few months away…

In regards to our supporting cast I have to say that the show has some seriously under used talent at hand. The confrontation between Ryan and Esposito directly after learning of Capt. Montgomery’s betrayal was intense and clearly demonstrates that these two characters deserve richer stories for the fourth season. Lanie and Martha were also under used this season and while I love that Castle and Alexis have a great father daughter relationship I am hoping they let Alexis rebel a little next season. Because come on, no one is that well-behaved.

One final thought. As Capt. Montgomery was preparing for what he knew would be his last gun battle he sealed something away in an envelope and placed a stamp on it. Who will this package be going to I wonder?

Overall a great ending to a consistently great season!


How About That Title? March 17, 2011

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Hello and welcome to my new blog! This blog will be mainly concerned with the goings-on of various TV shows and closely examining just what the writers are doing down there.

To get started I thought I would elaborate on the name of the blog-putacaskettinyourbnb. Catchy, eh? Well this is the story of where it comes from:

Two of the shows that this blog will be focusing on is ABC’s Castle and FOX’s Bones. Two great shows in my opinion. Two shows with a lot in common, which I will get to later. The most important commonality that these two shows share however, is that the two central characters from either show are a guy and gal with a lot of sexual tension and romantic potential. Now Bones is currently in it’s sixth season while Castle is in it’s third. And while I can certainly understand how that may make a difference in where the writing is currently going my general thought is that the writers for Castle are keeping things a lot more interesting than the writer’s for Bones.

Not to say that Castle is better. Or the other way around. I think the biggest obstacle the writer’s of Bones are facing right now is not repeating story lines that help them keep Brennan and Booth apart. We’re on our what? Our third love triangle? And that’s just counting love interests that posed a genuine threat to the would-be couple. There is a whole list of potential lovers that made us shippers squirm. At this point it is becoming frustrating to watch the unrealistic and really all too convenient road blocks separating our tough but lovable FBI guy and our smart yet clueless forensic anthropologist.

Castle on the other hand is a delicious combination of “Oh they almost…” moments along side the “Now why did that have to happen?!” obstacles. It’s that journey the characters take that make watching the show so fun. It’s what makes fans route for that outcome they want to see but deep down know the fun would be gone if it came too soon. Now as I said Castle is only in it’s third season. The “will they won’t they” game between Castle and Beckett is still fresh and fun. It could be that if the writer’s haven’t put those two crazy kids together by season six the fans will be just as frustrated with Andrew Marlowe as they are right now with Hart Hanson. But the fact remains that right now watching Castle is just a lot more fun than watching Bones.

Hence back to my title. Caskett is an affectionate term to Castle fans have created to describe the would be relationship of mystery novelist Richard Castle and by the book detective Kate Beckett. The “bnb’ in my title of course referring to Booth and Brennan from Bones. So putacaskettinyourbnb is basically my way of saying (and hoping) that the fun the writer’s have found in the Castle/Beckett relationship will come back to the Brennan/Booth storyline. Here’s hoping!

So that’s what this blog is about. I will be posting after each new episode of either show as well as posting on various aspects to the writing of the shows. This blog won’t just be limited to Bones and Castle however. I will also be discussing FOX’s House and Glee as well as CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. Five of the better shows on television in my opinion.

Until next time!

“Beckett: Richard Castle believes in you and I believe in him.” -Season 3 Episode 15 ‘The Final Nail.’